About Us- Organic Yoga Mat

As a Yoga practitioner and Certified Yoga Instructor, I always wondered why we used Yoga Mats which started giving away in few months, were unhygienic and would then add to a landfill for decades to come, causing irreparable damage to our planet. Further doing Pranayama and deep breathing exercises on chemically treated and toxic mats was against the basic yogic principle on “inhaling the good”.

Further extensive research and study at one of the oldest Yoga institutes in the world revealed that yoga teachers and practitioners were facing the same challenge of finding the “right mat” Organic Yoga Mat which is eco-friendly, washable, does not slip, and is comfortable and easily portable.

My search finally led me to use cotton fibers which have historically been the “Asan” in India. We have one of the best hand weavers in the world and thus Arka Cotton Yoga Mats was born where every aspect of the Yoga mat from design, material, weight, thickness, cushioning, traction, germ freeness, portability was carefully included to ensure that the Yoga practitioner experience is enhanced and elated.

Arka in Sanskrit means the Sun, which is the giver of life and represents our creative life force. Sun is what you are and when we are “acting out” our Sun, we are purposeful, directed, proud, and creative. The Arka team comprises of certified Yoga professionals who ensure that every small detail of our product functionality is perfect and designers who have a deep understanding of Yogic philosophy.

Arka – acting our Sun to ensure every Arka Mat impacts your Yoga in a unique and purposeful way.

Renu Jain
Certified Yoga Instructor and Founder of Arka Mats