Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is Anti-skid / Anti-Slip? Does it stick to the ground like PVC/Rubber mats?
We have a unique treatment on the underside of the Arka mats which ensure that the mat grips any surface and does not slip. The special rubber dots along with the texture of our mats create air pockets between the mat and the floor and hence the mat sticks to any type of floor surface and protects from skidding while you practice.

2. How should I wash my mat? Will the color bleed?
You can HAND wash Arka mats with cold water. Please follow the steps mentioned as under
1. Lay Arka mat flat on the floor
2. Pour water
3. Apply very mild detergent, only if required. Do not use bleach
4. Avoid scrubbing as far as possible or use a soft sponge and rub lightly to remove any kind of stains
5. Rinse with water
6. Dry the mat flat or line dry. Avoid direct sunlight to prevent colors
7. Do not use washing machine.
You can wash your Arka mat as often as you like, the colors do not bleed. Every time you wash your mat, it gives you a complete new look as the dyes age naturally.

3. What is the thickness of Arka mats?
Arka mats are 4 mm thick. We have done extensive research to decide this thickness as it is important to have right amount of cushioning, keep it light weight and at the same time ensure a direct connect with mother earth.

4. Will the mat hurt my knees?
Some people take time to get adjusted to the Arka Cotton mat in the beginning, especially if you are used to heavily cushioned and soft mats. If you think the mat is not thick enough for your knees, it is advisable to have an extra layer of any other mat underneath. Once you get used to it, you can remove the other mat.

5. Will I get any kind of impressions on my palms while I practice on this mat?
You might feel small impressions on your palms or knees while you practice. That’s the weaving of the cotton mat which works like acupressure and gives good massage to your points on your palms and feet. This is a unique feature of Arka mats.

6. Can Arka mat be used if I sweat a lot?
Definitely. Arka mats absorb the sweat which improves grip and you can dry them in sun after you finish your practice. Occasionally washing keeps them hygienic and also lends a fresh look to the mat.

7. Will I get good grip on the top surface while I practice advanced asanas on this mat since it is made from cotton?
Arka mats are made using coarse cotton to get a better grip. With regular use the fiber becomes softer and you start enjoying the mat. But as the fiber gets softer, you might feel the mat is losing its grip especially in advanced practices. In such a case, we advise you to wash your mat and the coarseness will ensure good grip on top surface once again.

8. How are Arka mats made?
We use 100% cotton fibers to make every mat. Each mat is hand-woven by expert weavers in India . We do not use any Child labour. It takes 15 days to complete process of the mat from fibers to finished product.

9. How long will this mat last?
Honestly you might get bored using the same mat for so long. Depending on your use and maintenance, you can expect the mats to last for as long as you want to use it.

10. How is it Eco-friendly?
We use 100% cotton which is a natural and recyclable material thus has no negative impact on the environment. Further no chemicals/machines are involved in manufacturing the mat since they are hand woven.

11. How does this benefit my health?
So when we talk about yoga, we talk about good health, physically, mentally and emotionally. We breathe in while practicing on the mat without realizing that we are inhaling air full of chemicals if we are using PVC mats. It is important to inhale pure air to purify your system which is possible if you use natural yoga mats like Arka cotton Yoga mat.