My yoga mat is my connection with myself and with the Universe
My Kdham Yoga mat is the place where my real yoga journey starts – consciously, holistic, deep and pure.
The place, where I find silence, peace, faith and joy.
Thank you so much, Renu 🙂

Nina Yaneva
Yoga Teacher
Sofia, Bulgaria

I love this eco-friendly yoga mat
This mat is my favorite for slower and softer practices like regular hatha yoga or meditation. It’s so comfy and light. It’s perfect to carry and folds up easily too, and of course the design! I feel like buying all the mats!

Yoga Teacher

A GREAT yoga mat!!!!
A yoga mat with a difference!!!! Unlike anything I have used before. Natural Cotton feel of the mat makes you relax a lot more when doing yoga. Plus love the vibrant color. The OM symbol on the mat has its origins in ancient Indian traditions. Try chanting OM when doing yoga, its deeply energizing!!!! The mat is light weight yet very comfortable to lie on and gentle on the knees when you kneel down. It’s a no hassles purchase, arrived in 2 days nicely packaged in a roll pack, would also make a great gift. A definite 5 star. You will not regret the purchase.

Archana Kalro
New York, USA

I’m enjoying my practice on it every time, again and again
I experienced the Arka Cotton Yoga Mats for the first time about a year ago. It was love at first sight. The beautiful Chakra design had a big attractive power to me and I loved the touch of the natural material doing my yoga asanas and meditation practice. Also appreciate the light weight of the mat. Later on I decided to buy yet another design, with anti skid this time. Love also how easy foldable the mats are: great how I can carry it along to my favorite yogaspot, both in- and outside.

Ingrid de Graaff
Certified Yoga Teacher
The Netherlands

Puts you in the mood for yoga!
I have tried many yoga mats before but this one feels different.
For being cotton has enough cushion and is comfortable. Very light easy to store and carry with you.
Excellent Quality and does not slip easily. Has everything you will want in your yoga mat .Would highly recommend it. It’s well made.

Shilpa D’Cunha
Tampa, USA

Perfect yoga mat – 5 star product
Since long time I was looking for an eco-friendly mat as my last mat was giving plastic feel. This is the perfect replacement. I love the yoga print which I could not find on any other mat. Also it gives me right cushioning as it is not very thick since I want the connect with earth at the same time not very thin to make me feel the hard floor.

Amit Mehta
New York, USA

I feel calm and grounded at once when I lay down on my yoga mat
I bought my Arka Cotton Yoga Mat when I attended a yoga course in Lonavala last year. And fell totally in love with the beautiful designs. It gives me such a good feeling to do yoga on cotton.  Arka gives excellent service and I would highly recommend them.

Kathrine Brekke
Yoga Instructor

Love the color of the mat and the natural feel.
Was always looking for a non-synthetic mat for yoga. Could find only yoga towels, but this mat has the right comfort and is very easy to carry.

Arun Mathews
Chaicago, USA

Good value …
Arrived quickly and was packaged very well. Mat appears to be very well made with a wonderful non-skid base which really works. I expect this mat to last for years.

California, USA

Excellent yoga mat
Inspiring concept and design. Excellent yoga mat. Gives natural feel because of cotton, yet sticks to the ground because of unique Anti-skid treatment on back. Love it!!

Ravi Patangia
California, USA

Good value. Unique Mat
Good cotton mat. Has nice grip and is washable. Cotton has a natural feel and mat can be folded into a small and easy carry on.


Five Stars
Great mat – very comfortable and doesnt skid at all as promised.


Loved the color and the design on the mat
It’s nice and light, and the length works great too!

Asha Balasubramaniam

Really like this all Natural Yoga Mat!
Having used other yoga mats made of fibers and plastic that are not comfortable and are prone to slipping, this yoga mat stands apart. The cotton fibers offer the softness and comfort while performing various asanas. It is quite durable and seems like a great value for money. I would recommend this mat to anyone who is in to Yoga and other stretching exercises.

Houston, USA

They come in such vibrant beautiful colors with inspiring writing on it
First of all these are 100% cotton, so washable. And It’s environment friendly..and to top it all, they come in such vibrant beautiful colors with inspiring writing on it. Thanks for creating this product. Love it!

New Jersey, USA

Great colors, soft, no slips


Great concept for mat
Great concept for mat. Reminds me every day on the need to stay balanced. Very durable and yet light weight. Wish they had more design.

Dhiraj, India

Product is of good quality and the anti skid works fine
It sticks to the floor with very minimal moment…. Value for money

Dinesh Shivakumar

Five Stars
This product is really very good and it’s very comfortable in doing all yoga postures I really loved it.

Amazon Customer