Premium Yoga Mat by Arka | Non Slip – Washable – Natural – 4mm Yoga Mat

2,500.00 1,650.00


Yoga is a physical, emotional, mental & spiritual discipline which is truly a way of life. We understand that every effect of yoga practice are unique to every individual and thus the Yoga Mat has to compliment the same. This mat is made from specially handpicked premium natural cotton fibers and handwoven with utmost care by expert weavers in India. The mat has a special ANTI SLIP treatment at the bottom which has a firm grip for the smoothest surface. The mats is washable, skin friendly and environment-friendly with a stunning design rooted in yogic philosophy.

Features – Premium Yoga Mat 

  • The mat can be hand washed in cold water, using a mild detergent. This ensures that your mat remains clean, fresh and germ-free at all times.
  • The mat is made of natural materials and is thus skin friendly and free to toxic substances.
  • The mat is made of recyclable material which not only ensures your health but cares for the earth too.
  • At just 1.2Kg the mat can easily be carried while traveling, folded as per your convenience. Yet it provides the perfect cushioning and strong connection to the floor.
  • You can fold the mats to easily fit into a sling/laptop bag, or carry it the way you feel most comfortable

Design Philosophy
Practiced for over 500 years, Yoga has the ability to transform yourself in ways you could not even imagine. Depending on your practice and involvement, you could achieve physical conditioning, improve vitality, experience inner calmness, create abundant energy and cherish an elevated sense of wellbeing. Yoga can help you find the inner balance so that you reach your very own internal epicenter and connect with yourself truly. Yoga is you. Yoga is life.

Our Belief
As Yogis, we are not only responsible for ourselves but also for our society and environment at large thus practicing yoga on a mat that will ultimately end up clogging a landfill for decades to come is unacceptable to us. Typical PVC mats contain phthalates — substances that have been linked to health issues and have negative impact on the environment and thus we recommend the use of COTTON Yoga mats.