3 Surprising Health Benefits of Meditation

Information about Meditation

‘Aummmmmmm…….’ Just the mere sound of this single word evokes positive vibrations throughout the body. ‘Aum’ Chanting is a form of Yogic meditation or Dhyana. The practice of Dhyana or Meditation which dates back to several centuries, is more relevant today than ever before. This ancient wisdom which belonged to our sages has helped not only those who seek spirituality but also those who simply wish to unwind. The profound idea of looking inwards and connecting with oneself has helped generations achieve a sense of calm, balance and gratitude. The thought that one can be at peace with the world only if one is at peace with oneself, rings true in today’s fast paced era of digitalisation.

Having been an ardent follower of yoga myself for many years now, I cherish the time which is spent doing meditation. Nothing seems more fulfilling than those few minutes of meditation on my Extra Long Yoga Mat after a day which has been spent in chasing never ending targets and deadlines. As you shut your eyes and turn your focus to your breath, your mind tries to break free from web of intertangled thoughts and emotions that have exhausted you throughout the day. Meditation nourishes the body, mind and the soul just like the dry parched earth is drenched by the first showers of rain.

Benefits of Meditation

Benefits of Meditation

Meditation can be practised easily without any fuss in the comfort of one’s own home or outside. It does not require any massive equipment or investment yet it promises to enlighten and stimulate. One only gets better with practice as one gains more control over one’s mind and senses. As one develops greater control over one’s breath one is able to extract multiple benefits effectively. The benefits of meditation are more than one can imagine as its impact is deeper than it appears. Meditation helps every individual experience several benefits at mental, physical and spiritual levels. It ensures overall improvement of an individual.

Benefits of Meditation at a Physical Level
  • Meditation helps in improving the body’s immune system.
  • It helps in lowering elevated levels of blood pressure and alleviates stress levels.
  • Meditation acts as a natural painkiller for stress induced pain like headaches etc.
  • It helps in feeling energetic as one is focussing one’s attention inwards.
Benefits of Meditation at a Mental Level
  • It helps in attaining complete relaxation and rejuvenation.
  • It helps in improving mental alertness and responsiveness.
  • Meditation assists in achieving emotional well-being.
  • A relaxed frame of mind experiences joy and heightened intuitiveness.
Benefits of Meditation at a Spiritual Level
  • Meditation helps an individual achieve a sense of oneness with the universe.
  • An individual with greater sense of inner peace contributes the same to his surroundings.
  • A person belonging to any faith can benefit immensely from the practice of meditation.
  • It helps in transforming oneself as one embarks on the personal journey of self-discovery.

Eco-Friendly Yoga Mat

Your journey into the inner self begins with this one simple act. Seated cross legged or in Sukhasana as it is known, on the comfortable Extra Long Yoga Mat by Arka helps your body feel in sync with Mother nature. Owing to its use of natural organic cotton which allows the skin to breathe. It almost feels like sitting on earth as organic cotton is as natural as it gets. At the same time, it provides the ease of maintenance as it is washable and foldable. The experience of sitting and meditating on the Eco-Friendly Yoga Mat invokes humility and tranquillity. The feel of the non-toxic cotton fabric against the skin is indescribable, it will remind you of the sense of security and comfort that you would feel in your mother’s lap as a little child…cocooned away from the chaos around.

Yoga Blending The East & The West

As the world turns towards the East for its spiritual quest, it’s time we revived our knowledge in a way that it preserves its essence yet maintains its new-found international popularity. And what better way than reviving our indigenous heritage of the cotton textile. The Thick Yoga Mat is an attempt to bring back the forgotten in a way that has never been tried before. Its texture is different from the mats available in the market which are mostly synthetic. The size of Extra Long Yoga Mat by Arka is bigger than the ordinary mats thereby providing a larger spread for comfortable usage. So, go ahead and buy yoga mat online, this elegant piece is going to soothe your senses like never before and will soon become your most loved companion no matter where you go. Purchasing this Exercise Mat online will be your wisest move ever, as it will provide assured value for money in the long run. So why wait, whether you are at home, the yoga class, the beach or the park …with a companion like this one you just need to spread, sit and meditate! Aum…. Shaaanti….

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