We all know the literal meaning of this simple and very humble word, Balance. It is something we seek in almost all aspects of life.

Balance, keeps the sanity between our internal and external beings, between our spiritual and bodily virtues. With the respective aspects, It is the core of every mental and physical activity we perform.

Our mind today bear weight in face of stress and our bodies bear it in face of fatigue. The physical fatigue and mental stress , form a perfect concoction for an imbalanced mind, body and soul . It is imperative to combat this imbalance and take up each day as a fresh, happy start !!

On certain days I am able to keep a very cool head and deal with the most horrid situations and on the other day, tea not made to perfect liking gets the better of me. Of course, I wonder why this happens? This imbalanced and somewhat irrational behavior takes over me when my mind has taken full encumbrance of my tired body and vice-versa.  A tired body prevents us from laughing at imperfect tit bits of daily life and a stressed out mind on the other hand would not let us out of a certain physical slug. Mind and body are simply interrelated and need to remain in an equilibrium.  So, I sat down with a warm cuppa early grey and pulled my thoughts together to understand the inexplicable episodes of irritability that occur to all of us and find a possible remedy. Not to mention that my yoga mat and the very enchanting singing bowl came to rescue once again :).

A string of simple stretching poses or asanas and few moments of meditation at the soothing echoes of singing bowl, practiced for short duration anytime during the day would toss the mind back into a harmony with the body. You could practice these in the comfort of your home, in your breezy balcony, on a long haul flight (like i do all the time) or even next to your work desk.

On a balmy monsoon morning, I love to start my day with asanas like tree pose or vrikshasna, chair pose or utkattasana, palm tree pose or tadasana, to name a few. These yoga poses offer us both physical and mental benefits.  Physically we strengthen and elongate our muscles and improve equilibrium functions in our body. Where in mentally, we become more stable, gain emotional balance and reap numerous spiritual benefits too.

Softening the eyes into a focused gaze or finding your Drishti, is often encouraged while practicing balancing yoga poses. Fixing our gaze on a steady point helps the mind to stay focused  so that we can remain in the yogic variation for a long duration, maximizing its positive effects. Isn’t it what we do in life’s situations too? Staying focused aids in achieving desired goals in one’s life. That’s why it is said, we practice yoga  on the mat and live it off the mat too!! It is actually a way of life.

These simple asanas when performed regularly, give an everlasting surge of peacefulness and calm the mind in turn aligning it with the soul that yearns for spirituality and body that longs for physical well-being.

Hope you all seek and  find the perfect centre within yourselves as the great mystic ‘Rumi’ said – what you seek  is seeking you .

Yogini Megha (16.8.2018)

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