Yoga Mat – Your First “Yoga Friend”

All forms of exercise require certain pieces of equipment to deliver the desired comfort and efficiency. Consider a fully equipped gym versus the one with old rusty equipment. Which one of them do you think will derive the desired result along with comfort and safety? While one can even work out on conventional non-efficient devices often human comfort and safety is associated to derive the required results. Similarly, Yoga can be carried out at multiple places for instance in parks on the lush green grass, in sand or even on sheets. Yoga postures require certain control of your body at the same time flexibility. If your Yoga tool aka the Yoga mat is not good you might be prone to the risk of injury. As they say, the Yoga mat is the metaphorical “Yogi tool” one should make sure that they have the perfect mat. Yoga mats without saying are your first on the list of essential things when starting to perform Yoga. They not only provide you comfort but also safety and help focus your thoughts and act as a canvas for your workout. All forms of Yoga from meditation to any other complex posture require a good Yoga mat. Now that you have made up your mind and are all set to purchase your exercise mat online, here is a list of important things that you need to know before making the right choice.

Exo-Friendly Yoga Mat

Find the right fit, take your yoga game to the next level.

It can be really confusing to find the right fit. There are a variety of Yoga mats based on purpose and well as design and quality. Various mats are available according to different types of Yoga. One has to check out the multiple mats and their benefits. If you do not choose the right mat that defines your purpose of Yoga it might be a waste as well as harmful. While performing Yoga the two foremost important things are co-ordination and balance. To derive this one will need a Yoga mat. The Yoga mat does not allow the energy generated to be passed on to the floor at the same time keeps your body warm. In short, a Yoga mat portrays the area where our energy needs to be focused.

The Yoga mat contributes to a major result of your hard work and thus like selecting the right company of friends, similarly it is important to select the right Yoga mat. One should often buy Yoga mat online as it gives you a wide variety to choose from. Also, go through the benefits of each product as well as different reviews regarding the same. You will understand various features associated with the design of the mat. These things cannot be explored if you are making a purchase from your local stores. The knowledge regarding the mat is essential.

Cotton Yoga Mats are a great option!

Yoga mats come into various types namely Natural rubber Yoga mats, Cotton and hemp Yoga mats, Jute mats, basic sticky Yoga mats and many more. Most of the Yoga mats which are easily found around you are made up of plastic. These mats deliver amazing flexibility given to the use of phthalates. This is the component that gives the mat the desired flexibility and strength. However, these mats posses possible health and environmental hazards. One should not worry as the best alternatives available to them today are the environmental hazard free mats. An Eco-friendly Yoga mat is made of natural rubber. They are totally recyclable, PVC free and UV resistant. Another myth associated with eco-friendly mats is that it does not deliver the expected flexibility as compared to plastic ones.

There are various factors associated while making the perfect selection when you buy Yoga mat online. Factors like performance, durability, and cost are the basic parameters essential for selection. A thin Yoga mat with an average thickness of 5mm is often ideal for different forms of Yoga, however, if you are looking for more comfort or have issues like joint pain while performing kneeling postures one should prefer a thick Yoga Mat. You might also want to go for a sticky mat if you want more traction and tend to slip more. Similarly, you might also want to buy a somewhat rough mat if you have the above issues.

When it comes to durability of the mat eco-friendly Yoga mats do not last long as compared to plastic ones. However, with a bit of research, you can find the ideal ones which can last longer even with regular use. If at all you consider the cost of eco-friendly Yoga mats is higher as compared plastic mats.

The size of the Yoga mat is another important aspect. These mats come in various lengths and thickness. The standard size of the Yoga mat is 24 inches in width and 68 inches in length. The standard mat serves the purpose of beginners for various postures. However, if you are 6 feet or taller one might want to invest in an extra long Yoga mat.

To sum up the above aspects eco-friendly Yoga mats with the right features can help you keep yourself as well the environment safe from the hazardous waste that is generated. Yoga is the most nature-oriented form of exercise and thus should essentially be equipped with things that are generated from natural sources and must also end up giving back to nature after their life cycle.

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