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We hear a lot of contemplation on what is the purpose of life and there is so much discussion on having goals in every sphere of life from marks for students, to targets for salesmen, to weight loss or financial milestones.

But in my humble opinion, the ultimate objective behind all of the above is to simply be happy. If every moment of our life can be full of happiness, it will manifest in everything we say or do. Life throws different stimuli at us every time and we do not control the stimulus at most times. But we are in full control of our response to the stimulus and thus whatever be the situation, from having a heartbreak to getting a pink slip, from facing a health challenge to financial woes, we can choose our response.

Choose to be happy

The choice is yours; you can choose to be happy. It’s that simple, always! No matter what…
Happiness is an inside job and nobody can steal it from us. Stress, fear, anger are the responses waiting to fill in the void created by happiness, but once happiness is overflowing within, these negative emotions find no space.  You don’t need a reason to be happy. Waking up every morning is the single biggest reason to be happy. Being alive every moment is the most important reason to be happy each moment. So make the right choice in every situation and choose to stay happy.

The secret to Extreme Happiness

The extras and the extremes always evoke a sense of ecstasy. So why not be “extremely happy” rather than just being happy. The secret to extreme happiness is being in Yoga regularly & rigorously. Doing yoga is different than being in Yoga. Doing Yoga can kick start the process of being happy and being in Yoga can ensure extreme happiness, always. The physical benefits of doing Yoga themselves can bring many reasons to be happy like;

  1. Improved flexibility in a body due to different yoga poses. A flexible body can achieve more than a stiff body in sports, day to day life and reduce chances of injuries in case of small day to day mishaps with the body.
  2. Better strength, stamina, and energy can boost the self-morale of a person and the results of the same manifest in all aspects of day to day life.
  3. Improved lung capacity due to pranayama, helps in regulating emotional responses, improve cardiovascular performance, reduces anxiety attacks and provides clarity in thought
  4. Practicing Yoga on eco-friendly yoga mat every day can instill a sense of contribution to mother earth

Being in Yoga

The true meaning of being in yoga is being one with your mind and body. We are not a body and a mind.  We are a body-mind. We associate ourselves with the physical body and hear voices of the mind in our head which is the primary cause of sorrow since we get attached to aspects of the body and mind who now govern us. By not recognizing who we are and identifying with the body or the mind, we suffer at the whims and fancies of the body and the mind. We assume that the source of pleasure lies in the situations, experiences, objects, people and they seem to make us happy or unhappy. We forget that these are stimuli and response is only controlled by us.

By doing Yoga we can experience the oneness of body and mind on the yoga mat, but be being in yoga we can experience extreme happiness off the yoga mat.

Yoga works at cellular levels

If you thought Yoga works only on the body, think small, very small. Yoga works at the cellular level. Research now indicates how Yoga impacts our genetics and can make changes at even those levels. Just the practice of Yoga on a good eco-friendly yoga mat can spike the brains GABA levels within one hour. Higher GAB levels are known to lower levels of depression, anxiety etc. So just hit the mat and change the mood.

The impact of regular Yoga practice can lead to permanent long-lasting results. Regular yoga practitioners are reportedly healthier and of course happier. The biochemical changes due to the continued practice of Yoga lead to better mental and physical health which allow an individual to explore and express oneself fully.

Go happy, now!

So, cut the chase, erase the outside and start looking inside. Grab your eco-friendly yoga mat and start the practice of yoga now to get a peek at the world within you. The practice on the mat will lay the foundation for being in yoga off the mat and stay happy, extremely happy. Yoga will not only lift your spirits but fill you with abundant joy and happiness. Forever…

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